Disappearing $10 Mystery Solved!

I myself never received the $10 matchup because of coupon crediting FUPs, but a friend had the disappearing matchup thing happen, and got this email from Customer Service (after a very long delay, apparently)---

"The $10 Bonus credit stopped being rewarded at the end of December. You earned yours in January technically, so the system added it but then removed it because it is not part of the program any more. "

Does this explanation jive with your time frames? Not sure how FUp can explain the multiple appearances and disappearances, though.

Sounds like probable BS to me. Perhaps I missed the big announcement from FreeUp declaring the end of the $10 bonus program. If the bonus program ended in December, why "technically" did your friend get rewarded with the bonus in January if he earned it in January only to have it taken away in January. The Free plan was introduced about 2 months and two weeks ago, so whether or no he earned the $10 bonus before the end of December likely depends on when he signed on to FreeUp. The freewheeling "system" does a lot of adding and subtracting of user's things without rhyme or reason, in addition to playing hide and seek with coupon rewards. Maybe not solved. :unsure:

Sounds like another Freedompop kind of company...

Ouch! When you are right you are right! but let's hope not.

The timing does jive with what I've seen on our lines. Our first line received the bonus in December, & I think it has stayed put. Our second line received the bonus around 1/14, and it's bounced out & back in a couple of times. I suppose it might disappear for good.

I have no issue with the bonus being discontinued. The right thing is to reward it for anyone who signed up when it was still stated on the website, but I don't know when that went away.

As others have said they should honor it for all those who signed up in 2018 since we all signed up when this match was being promised. There was no indication it was a limited time offer.