Dirty Deads Done Dirt Cheap

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

Really good bargains are quite difficult to come by these days.

Soros was so pleased with the indictment , that he took Bragg to McDonald's and bought him two Big Macs and an extra large fries (plus any desert he wished)

Ooh.. a fat joke.

Trump's favorite McDonald's meal is “two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted.”. What; there is a different standard for Trump even though his real-life order is even larger than your fictitious one?


A fat joke?....actually , just a l’hommage to Mr. Soros for getting a deed done dirt cheap.

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That is not much better because George Soros has never met Alvin Bragg, yet alone influenced him. You are just repeating right wing made-up-crap. Besides the entity who indicted Trump is the grand jury, not the Bragg. But if people really want to blame somebody for the mess Trump is in, they should put the blame on nobody but Trump himself. I know it's hard because everybody is too scared that Trump might say mean things about them.

So , Soros didn't really take Bragg to McDonalds and get him a special treat as a reward?


Wonder how Soros will be blamed for this crime:

And of course, Soros is telling Melania and Ivanka what to think as well!

FYI: George Soros funds Bragg through an organization called "Color for Change", of which Soros is the primary donor. They gave Bragg $1,000,000.

Bragg also received $10,000 donations from George Soros' son and another $10,000 from his son's wife.


This is simply not true.

Additionally, the Open Society Policy Center donated much more to the 501(c)(4) arm of the Color of Change in 2020.

Soros founded Open Society Foundations, which supports---well, you know what and whom ....

So, how much additional funding went circuitously from "Open Society Policy Center" to Bragg's election fund ?

But even more importantly --- were there even more "other" substantive contributions (though technically legal) that flew beneath the radar via circuitous routing?

But seriously, this is all naught but chump change to Mr. Soros.

But for the rest of ordinary folks, this is kinda important....
especially for those poorer NYC, Chicago, and LA residents living day to day with the incredible life threatening increase in crime/homicides ----due to the Soros financial support of certain DAs

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Now tell us why the grand jury voted to indict Trump. LOL.

Image represents what Michael Cohen is saying. Trump's followers are so deeply engrained in the cult that they don't want to hear the truth.

The only threatening violence today came from a member of the press.

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We should expect be more Fox settlements in the near future as the Fake News Channel will have no legal defense against Dominion and Smartmatic. Even though every sane person knows the Murdock entities just spread lies, there are just too many suckers who want to believe in the garbage they spread so they will continue to watch.

George Soros this. George Soros that. Who cares about George Soros when Clarence Thomas hangs around with a Hitler sympathizer. Yes, I know this is old news as Thomas is already married to one, but that other Nazi sympathizer he hangs around him has been providing Thomas with illegal benefits.