Did Karl Seelig move to India?

"Under the plan, Jio would charge those who enrol 303 rupees ($4.67) per month for unlimited data and free voice services for a year starting on Saturday, although usage of 4G data would be capped at 1 gigabytes per day."

1 GB per day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. Not unless the top up money that R+ members left behind totalled in the billions. Since I have in laws in India, and I desire cheap data and phone service, maybe I'll move there myself. But what did happen to Karl?

Karl is in charge of next year's Oscars envelopes.

Karl is getting the dialers ready for us all. Coming soon. It will all work out. They promised after all.

There is a much less expensive way to make the Internet available in remote areas and it has already been tried successfully.


Talk about cheap labor and shameless exploitation. Ferrets of the world unite and challenge the powers that be, for you have nothing to lose but your microchips. To be fair, the exploiters are just trying to ferret out the breaks in their system. As long as people get inexpensive internet, who cares about crazy ferrets. Ha. They did not want to say they were using ferrets until they were sure that they fit into their system. :dry:

***And I might add:

Well, some folks have implied that he might be in La La Land of sorts, so you might be onto something. :slight_smile:

Yeah, he's in Hollywood, not Bollywood.