Did I really just get an email for a flash promo from RingPlus!?

Are you kidding me? Not a chance in a million. I don't visit the R+ forums any more, so, is R+ marketing other plans now? Does R+ actually still exist?

You sure did. Looks like they're back, newly reincarnated.

If they paid me $10/month, I might at least think about it.

But I have already fallen in love with cellnuvo!!!

Just promoting speedtalk mobile's new verizon plans.

I bet speedtalk were the mysterious mvno partner who would have used the dialers

Is SpeedTalk new on the Verizon network? Their website only had TMobile plans.

They also seem to own Jolt Mobile, which runs on AT&T.

Yeah, they've been on T-Mobile since the start of them. I can't find any announcement for Verizon though, didn't know they were, weird.

Classifieds said "r+ not back sorry"


If I were Speedtalk Mobile Ring Plus would be the last company I would want shilling for me!

Darn! jk

As uncomfortable says, last place I would advertise.

Is Expo Mobile and Jolt Mobile both part of the same company as SpeedTalk?

That entire set-up looks fishy. Bogus trust certificate banners, no privacy policy nor about us. Who in their right mind could feel confident giving their info to that website?

THIS is SpeedTalk Mobile.
THIS is Ringplus (buying a house in its momma's name).