Descent Tracfone & Net Ten deals

Oops--meant to say "decent" deals.

Thanks for the heads-up! Not to worry about the minor typo -- perhaps it was a Freudian slip, since Tracfone's prices keep descending, going lower and lower all the time. :slight_smile:

Perhaps lower and lower prices = ascending deals. Something about going lower and going higher, I guess.

I've done a couple of the rebate offers from Tracfone/Simple Mobile via Amazon over the last couple of years, and I've always managed to get the rebate, although I needed to follow up on it a couple of times.
Not a bad way to get a free month of service if you need it.
From Isamorph's link:
$20 Tracfone plan, offered at a first month price of $15 (less 10% back as a gift card balance if you're a Prime member, and a $20 Amazon Gift card after activation. (Net cost: -$5 ).
$50 Simple Mobile plan, 10% back as a gift card balance for Prime members, and a $50 Amazon Gift card after activation.

Notes: New lines only-- you can't make this work to apply to a current line.
The Gift Card offer is NOT from Amazon, and Amazon won't assist you in getting it if you have issues. The first time Tracfone offered this type of promo, it was a complete mess. They've gotten better, and I haven't had any difficulty after that first time, other than once needing to remind them I was waiting on my GC.

I see that Tracfone/Net10/Total Wireless also currently have the Moto E6 at $20 (no plan included.) Tracfone devices require a year of service on Tracfone to be unlocked. Good deal if you already have service and need a more current phone. In theory, you could also 'build your own' bundle on Tracfone AT&T or T-Mobile by buying the $30 1200/1200/3GB preloaded BYOP SIM, and the Moto E6 ($50 total, which is $10 cheaper than the Tracfone bundle & includes more data.) The Moto E6 won't work for Tracfone/Verizon service with the BYOP SIM, and you will not qualify for unlocking the Moto E6 if using it 'unofficially' on a BYOP SIM plan.

There is also a $100 back if you buy an unlocked phone over $100 from amazon and sim in one transaction and then activate. Details below. I'll just link the slickdeals page since there is plenty to read and be aware of:

But yes seems decent especially for many on here who like lower end phones. There are some decent ones in the $120-200 range. Samsung A21 ($200), Moto G7 Power ($130) , Moto E ($110) , Nokia 5.3 ($177), Umidigi A7 pro ($136) etc

The Net10 deal looks good.
For a few phones I manage.

Anyone aware of a better price (or more highspeed data for same price) for VZW network unlimited talk/text w/1GB high speed then throttled data? I believe the redpocket 1GB plan (that costs more?) Is hard capped?

Time limit to activate the plan after purchase? The eBay listing doesn't state one. SD thread poster says it is not specified but that Net10 usually responds 6 months.
Anyone have a different experience or has found it in writing? At least redpocket clearly states 90 days.

I think the Net10 deal looks pretty good, too: it's basically what a lot of folks have been hoping to see from Mint as a lower-use tier at $10/mo. (With your choice of networks on Net10.). I'm not aware of a matching price anywhere else on Verizon.

re: Red Pocket: yes, I think the 1GB plan is hard capped.

I don't have any experience with this specific Net10 plan. I do have some experience with Tracfone phones bundled with preloaded SIMs (annual plans), and Net10 and Tracfone refill cards.

My experience is that Tracfone pre-loaded SIMs remain good until Tracfone decides to update their database (and thereby purging older units from the database)-- I've activated pre-loaded Tracfone SIMs close to 2 years after purchase, with no issue. At some point, Tracfone will update their database and lose any record of the pre-loaded SIMs, so it's probably not a good idea to push it longer than necessary. (I've lost one this way, too, that was likely over 3 years old.)

I've used Net10 (and Tracfone) refill cards that are older than that. If there's an expiration date on refill cards, I've not seen it reported or experienced it.

I received a response from Net10 to my ask the seller ? on eBay.

Since one won't be activated until January 2001 I wanted something to fall back on.

[i]"Re: {External} xxxxx sent a message about Net10 Prepaid Wireless Phone Plan + SIM - Unlimited Talk & Text 1GB per Month #283471229567 (KMM14647467V24186L0KM)
New message: Dear Valued Customer, Thank you ...


New message from: tracfonewireless Top Rated Seller(38,213TurquoiseShooting Star)
Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your interest Net10 Wireless. We are responding to your
recent inquiry.

We have read your message today, October 14, 2020, 9:08 PM EST. This is
in regard to the item Net10 Prepaid Wireless Phone Plan + SIM -
Unlimited Talk & Text 1GB per Month.

Please be advised that the purchased device can be activated at any
time. However, if the ordered item includes a bundled airtime plan, the
airtime plan must be redeemed before a year has passed from the date of

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us via chat or
by calling one of our customer care representatives at 1-800-626-4883
extension 3324. For your convenience, our representatives are available
Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

Thank you for contacting Net10 Wireless. We appreciate your business.


Executive Resolution Department
Net10 Wireless[/i]"

Net10 $99.99 360 day plan was $20 more in October.

Pick your poison Red Pocket or Trac but this betters RP in that the RP 1GB plan data is hard capped.

Just note the verizon version is $169.99 - just noticed that when I clicked on it. The tmo and att are $99.99. Probably just low stock or something.

Thanks for that.
I'm guessing when it was $120 "too many" people ordered Verizon.
Makes me wonder what's to come when Verizon absorbs Trac.
They recently offered t-mo network only sales on eBay specifically aimed at / matching Mint pricing plus an extra GB.
Thank goodness for independent "upstart" MVNOs.