Deal for New Customers

Get the following deals for new customers. Offer good until Oct. 21st.


That $5 a month is just a little more than the fees for my free "unlimited on us" Sprint lines.

Tello is a great company.

Thanks for posting. I wish companies would reward loyalty and work at retention rather than always focusing on new customers

I think a low cost company is rewarding it's existing customers by keeping prices low and reducing them over time, which is what Tello has done.

In fact, getting new customers enables them to lower prices for existing customers.

Every time Tello has reduced it's prices, they've made me happy.

Tello doesn't need to change a thing. Just keep on doing what they're doing. Thanks Tello!

To its credit, Tello has allowed me to be a "new" customer about 8 times now with the same billing address, payment method, contact info, etc., but with a different email address. Interesting that they know the "new" customer is the old me, but don't seem to care. One never steps into the same river twice, in any case.

Similar experience here. Tello has been more than fair to me on pricing on my 3.5 year old existing account. I pay 20% less now than when I started: data allotment has more than doubled, texts from 200 to unlimited, and some minutes included (originally I was on PayGO for minutes while on a monthly plan.) Tello has always made changes/improvements to my plan without me asking for a price match to current offers, and for a long time grandfathered a set of features that really worked to my advantage, dropping my monthly cost to a level below either old plans or current plans.

And, when I've needed assistance, they've always been there to help in a reasonable amount of time.

Tello is indeed a rarity in the market: providing near lowest-tier pricing at the same time as providing top-tier MVNO customer service.