Data not working verizon mvnos

Anyone else having issue with verizon data on mvnos? Both my redpocket and tracfone verizon lines have data available but data is not working on my phone. I've tried several different phones both ios and android but none work. I can still call and text on both which is strange.

Any ideas please?? I've tried resetting, sim swapping, contacting customer service, manually adding the verizon apn etc etc. Redpocket put in a ticket to verizon but still waiting for the outcome of that.

No issues with visible and I have good coverage. It is odd that both of them stopped working with the same issue though are unconnected other than being on verizon and i haven't used them for a couple of months.

Redpocket with Verizon working fine for me. I just tested it for you

Says lte. And works

Maybe a tower problem in your area just affecting data. Visible LTE data, as I understand it, is cloud based and works differently than any other Verizon mnvo, which may explain why it’s working and the other phones data are not.

I'll give it a few days then. Maybe it will fix itself.

Just checked a Tracfone Verizon line that hasn't been used in 45 days or so: data works fine on a short test.

It is strange that you have 2 lines, different carriers, with the same issue. I think Isamorph might be on the right track suggesting a tower issue. (I don't understand enough about Visible's workings to know why it would still connect.)

The redpocket agent was in contact with verizon and did give them my address so you'd think they checked that. But nothing was mentioned so they may have overlooked a tower issue.

Are people still burning down cell towers because of COVID? LOL

Redpocket / verizon came through and it just started working. Don't know what they did. I haven't had to use redpocket customer service all that much but they did a good job here.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Hello everyone, haven't been here in a while. I'm using both Sprint and Verizon on redpocket. Have dealt with customer service a few times, better off going right to support instead of online chat. ATT also works good. Hope all of you are are doing well during this Covid pandemic.

I've missed you, catch1147. :frowning:


Glad you are okay