Data disabled when PayGo balance below threshold

One of our Tello phones has a 48 cent PayGo balance, & has no plan (& has not had a plan for several months now). It can make calls & send texts, but has no data.

Has anyone experienced data (but not voice or text) being shut off when PayGo balance falls really low?

Not I, but I have the auto refill at $2 turned on. I did find the following in Tello's FAQs, and the below 50cents throttling thing is interesting. At 48 cents, it sounds as if they throttled you down to O kb rather than 64. "My data speed is very low. Why?
Data speeds are influenced by time, density and coverage limitations. Please check our Coverage page for more details. Also, data can be throttled down to 64kbps if your plan's data balance runs out or your Pay As You Go balance falls below $0.50.
What does data throttle mean?
If your data speed is throttled, it means your internet speed is limited to just 64kbps and tethering automatically disabled.
Throttling is automatically enabled when your data plan balance runs out or your Pay As You Go balance falls below $0.50.
You can still benefit from 4G LTE speed if you renew your data plan, upgrade to a new plan with a higher data balance or recharge your Pay As You Go balance."

Thank you, & how strangely specific that $ 0.50 threshold is recited in the FAQ. I guess I may have to top-up to $10 at some point. Dang.

I didn't know it was possible to be on Tello PayGo alone - without a plan. How do you manage that? Do you just remove the credit card you had on file? Do you also have to tell Customer Service that you want to cancel your monthly plan and move to pure PayGo?

I learn new things on this forum every time!

Simply don't get plan & top-up to minimum amount, which is currently $10. Used to be only $5, I believe.