current cheapest deals for unlimited voice text and data

Any and all carriers and MVNOs. Slow data is ok. I may be going to an area for a while where I will have the luxury of picking and choosing. What are my options and which are your favorites.
Also best deals for unlocked all carrier phones and phablets. We will need several.
Thanks in advance

Sprint extended the free year promo and I believe you can get up to 5 lines per account.

@als You can browse plans at Dennis Bournique's site:

Unreal (Sprint) is probably the best deal @ $10/month [strike]("all in")[/strike]:

Tello* (Sprint) costs more than Unreal, but no headaches.

  • Check for promos and referral bonus.

ETA: As per @Chelle, Unreal $10/month does NOT include taxes/fees.

Unreal is no longer $10. They're now adding almost $3 in fees.