Croaker Fish Croaking is Causing Massive Croaking

At least when they die, they die knowing that their voice has been heard, given that the have the loudest voices of all fish.

Check out the audio recording, which, to me, sounds like being on a subway car.

Interesting! Too bad they can't distinguish between open water and seagoing vessels -- if they could just go silent when near ships, they would greatly increase their long-term chances for survival.

Then again, if they end up doing themselves in, the world will be a quieter place, albeit less diverse.

Yes. Nobody likes a loudmouth, but we can't kill off the loudmouths and eat them too. They need to learn from submarines as to how to run(swim) silent and deep. But the croakers are not the first species to get into trouble for making too much noise while spawning.

Yet this is an interesting example of how a behavior that was one an advantage becomes a disadvantage, which is , as some would argue, similar to the human talent for extracting large amounts of resources from the earth and its resultant boon to the good life for
mankind, a talent that could ultimately become disadvantageous for all concerned. I guess the croakers fared pretty well until large quantities of hungry people came along.