Cricket - very easy pSIM to eSIM transfer

I recently activated the main service on my line and my wife's line on Cricket's highest cost service, just for this month. The reason for that is their $60 plan ($90 for two lines) also gets you free calling/texting/data roaming in Canada - we are going on a 10-day trip there. I just figured this set of tricks that let's you get two free mid-level android phones for $65, that can be sold as new on eBay:

  1. Do an order for two Samsung Galaxy A14s. Make sure you select the $60 service.
    Have the order sit in your cart in a while to wait for a $25 coupon code to pop up. Add in the coupon code and then complete your order.
  2. Assuming that you provided correct port-in information on the first of the lines, you will also get a couple of emails asking for port-in information on the 2nd line. Make sure you do that correctly.
  3. Wait for the phones to ship (2 business days).
  4. When you get the phones, don't bother opening up either phone box. Instead, refer to the order number in your email and packing slip and just do online activation.
  5. Immediately after activating, you can go into chat and ask for the service tied to your existing pSIM transferred to an eSIM on a different phone.
  6. Cricket will push a QR code to your email. In my case, an eSIM prompt also popped up in my iPhone settings. Use either way to transfer your service on line #1.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 for line #2.

Once completed, you have two Cricket-locked phones that can be advertised as "new" on eBay. You will want to say in your ad that the SIM cards within the boxes cannot be used. Notwithstanding that, you should be able to more than recoup the $65 you paid initially.

And no, I am not staying with Cricket after month #1. Next month, my line goes back to Visible (free swap phone next month), while my wife's goes to Xfinity ($100 BYOD GC).