Crap! FreedomPop topup $20 with my credit card

I had data off until 7 hours after new billing cycle kicked it, and you know what? I received a message instantly telling me that they had charged me $20... I am sure I still had 5-10mb data to 250mb. I also saw lots of 2MB usage of data. Why I happened to used 2MB each time?

FreedomPop always (or at least usually?) tabulates data in 2mb chunks. If you use 21mb in one session, it will show 10 x 2mb data charges, and 1 x 1mb data charge.

Beyond that, I don't know the specifics. I have noticed that FreedomPop's exact plan turn-over times don't seem terribly predictable. I usually set my phone to limit data at 200mb, leaving a cushion for possible differences in calculation between my phone and FP's recorded data usage.

But I also saw other record of use of a few hundred kbs.

I got charged also. Changed the sim to a new phone and tested for few minutes yesterday.

It just have some system updates two three days ago. Maybe more background data running now.

Need to be very careful from now on.

Yes, the small charges should be the 'leftovers' from a session that are smaller than the 2mb chunks they tabulate in. Or, a session under 2mb total.

On the other hand, it wouldn't be the first time FreedomPop made a mistake, either.

Didn’t you have your auto Topup disabled?

Also, it might be good to have an app that earns and/or restricts your data usage. I have My data Manager installed. I set it to 230 Mb limit every time i swap an FP SIM card.

I always use Android's built in solution and it works great. I do set it to have a 40MB cushion to be extra careful.

At least as far as I can tell on my Freedompop accounts, it is no longer possible to disable auto topup without enabling Safety Mode for $6.99/mo, no matter how much top-up credit I have.

I've been meaning to switch the accounts I still use over to billing on virtual cards that will result in a billing issue instead of a charge if they try to top me up from them, just in case I ever forget to reactivate my top-up credit quickly enough when it expires. Maybe I'll take care of that tonight.

Unless something has changed lately, I believe scriptninja is correct-- it hasn't been possible to disable auto-topup without a monthly charge for quite some time.

Prior to the Red Pocket takeover, FreedomPop also did a pretty good job of ruling out virtual and prepaid cards. I don't know if that has changed, and would love to hear a report otherwise. The last workaround I read of involved setting Paypal for payment, and disabling recurring payments within Paypal for a specific vendor..

I try to keep android data limits set low enough to protect me. It's not foolproof.

Time to dump freedompop...

As for using virtual card numbers, FreedomPop has rejected my attempts at using those cards. I have Citibank virtual cards, and virtual cards. Both rejected, after several attempts at different numbers.

Yep, they got picky with those. In a way, I can understand but considering the strangeness that many people report as far as billing, well - I'd say best to be cautious.