COVID-19 vaccination

If the COVID-19 vaccination were made immediately available to you and your family, would you take it ASAP?

Yep. In a hot minute.

Which one?

Got mine last week, (pfizer), scheduled 2/6 for 2nd. (Also gave about 80 injections at the clinic that day, total of 1196 given) Bit of a sore arm, no other problems.

All in my family are under 60 years old with no underlying health conditions. So, in our state we we won't be eligible for the vaccination until April.
So, this gives us an automatic wait- and-see time period to make our decisions.
We are giving it a great deal of thought , along with research. So the opinions and experiences of those who posted here is appreciated.

Though it is not the norm, some under the age of 60 are dying from COVID-19. I don't know if Luke Letlow had any comorbidities or not but he died at the age of 41.

Many believe the reason we have the flu generally during the winter is because of vitamin D deficiency, I know some members in my family had low vitamin D levels last year so we have been pushing C, D, and Zinc for the past several months. We also added Quercetin after getting COVID-19. You never know when your immune system is going to be tested, I believe it is better to be proactive than reactive.

Interesting that you bring up vitamins D and C. In the past I had not been one to take vitamins . But lately I've been taking daily doses of vitamin D and C, based on the recommendation of a physician friend of mine who's a very down to earth fellow.

There's also another physician who appreciates vitamins D and C

I'm also taking vitamins D & C, and have never followed a vitamin regimen previously. To me, it looks like there is reasonable evidence that it might help with at least the severity of an infection: the cost is very cheap, and there is a very wide margin before one needs to worry about taking too much.

Personally, I think the main reason for flu cases increasing in the winter is the same reason we expect Covid cases to increase in the winter-- more indoor activity and decreasing ventilation. It's possible, and perhaps likely, that vitamin levels add some protection. But it's all about working the percentages, and improving your odds. Do the reasonable things, take the reasonable precautions, and cross our fingers.