Country agnostic VOIP somehow ??

Scenario behind my query:
I am in the US - friend is in Taiwan, he & I both have smartphones and wifi too.

If we use VOIP somehow & he gets a US number (or ??), can we converse as if we're local to one another, or, failing that - is it possible to use an app like Textnow to get the same kind of thing to happen ??

Thanks for any helpful replies !!

Something like whatsapp or viber would be best. Calls between fellow users are free Same with skype.

Or you could use more traditional voip providers like google voice, textnow etc. Most give out free us numbers and have free calls to us numbers or between subscribers to the same service. It shouldn't matter what country you are in since routed over the internet.

Some like google voice require you to be in the us with another Us number to be able to activate. But once done you can use it anywhere. You could do that for your friend or he/she could work around that with vpns etc. But yes easier to use whatsapp.