Cordcutters - thoughts on the free Roku TV

As the title states...

Roku, along with my OTA DVR I don't need anything else for my tv and movie viewing. As Roku says: Hundreds of free channels featuring movies, TV, sports, music and more. You can also find pay for channels with more current content.

What ota dvr you using? I have an old dishpal from a family member but we have cable so no use it

Just curious

Laptop running Windows 7 with media center, it has HDMI out and an ATSC USB tuner.
With this setup I can record any local channel that my antenna can pull in. Media center has a guide that you can set to record your favorite programs. You can even buy a remote control.
I do wish it had dual recording but I can watch and record at the same time using a splitter. With all the sub channels with digital tv I have no use for cable tv.

So laptop attached to tv? Laptop is on?

This is what I remember of media center

Laptop is connected to tv using its HDMI out port. Laptop is on when recording or watching recorded tv. Laptop wakes up on its own to do a selected recording then goes back to sleep on its own when the recording is done. One flaw is when you have back to back recordings on different channels, part of one will almost always be cut off due to overlap.

But it changes channel when in sleep mode?

Yes, it wakes up and records whatever channel the programmed recording is set to, then goes back to sleep. There may be better alternatives out there if you don't already have a laptop with HDMI or other video out. I don't know much about this item but it looks interesting to me if my laptop ever dies.

See I helped a family member who was elderly and refused cable.

I got her this dishpal. Since she did not know how to use computer s. I am assuming you use a remote of some type?

Problem with dish pal is it was buggy but used tvguide ota

Yes I do use a media center remote (HP brand). I don't know anything that is truly plug and play for OTA recording. Even with my laptop setup you have to install drivers and of course sometimes a reboot is needed.

Thank you

PS what antenna you use model? Inside or outside?

VHF/UHF combo antenna from the 70's, I don't know the model.
Inside attic.

PS. If you are on a tight budget you can make your own antenna, they really do work.

The Roku channel now has a guide for OTA channels for those using an antenna, which is a big plus for some users.

"Additionally, for Roku TV users who are using an HD antenna, you’ll be able to view over-the-air content alongside all the over-the-top programming available on The Roku Channel."

Keyword re above is Roku TV, not Roku streaming players (dongles etc). Scroll to the bottom...

Thanks for pointing that out. Fool me once and maybe twice, for this is the second time I've missed the distinction between a Roku device and Roku TV. What got me this time is that the article said this ability to have a live channel guide on the Roku channel (if one has a Roku TV) was new, but I vaguely remember this feature or similar was around sometime ago exclusively for Roku TV owners, which I discovered after hoping it applied to all Roku devices. Oh well, not a big deal and I'm not going to get a Roku TV anytime soon.