Cordcutters dream device?

For $50, worth it?

Little confused on what this box does?

They recommended by TV app only get 2.6 rating

Basically-- It's a tuner/receiver for over-the-air television signals, and streams the programming over WiFi to watch on multiple devices in your house, instead of being connected directly to a television.

I'm not familiar with this model. I seem to remember Hauppauge was a recommended solution for watching TV on a computer, as the hardware-based tuner and converter was far more stable than a software-based solution.

Hauppauge has been a leader in TV tuner devices for several decades. I've had their devices connected to several of my computers.

Ok for antennas. Got it

Well, this one may not be the Hauppauge of old. A quick look shows very poor reviews on Amazon, with most from people who seem to know what they're doing.....
It may be sold out at NewEgg, which might be a good thing for anyone considering this solution.

I got my aunt a dishpa dvrl for antennas once

I haven't read any of those reviews but I have lots of firsthand experience with these types of devices. I have a similar unit, made by WatchAir, and it works great-- but only if your network is set up well.

If you have a weak WiFi signal to your streaming device, or your home network is overloaded, or if all your neighbors are using the same wireless channels, or if your antenna isn't getting a decent signal from the broadcast station, then you're going to be frustrated.

If there's a hiccup in the signal that the antenna receives, or a hiccup in the network that interconnects the two, you'll get interruptions in the stream that can quickly become frustrating.

This is a bit unrelated, but thought I'd share:

Back in September I bought a bunch of USB "over- the -air" TV Tuner sticks (for PC) from China for about $12 each.

It took them about 10 weeks to be delivered............but they are really cool!

Yes, they look and feel cheap, but you get a mini antenna and a mini remote control with them...and they actually work quite well.

Gave them out as stocking stuffers at Christmas. Everyone really liked them. Still use mine.


For a tv or pc

Those are DVB-T, which works in most of the world, but the USA uses ATSC.

As far as I know, those won't pick up any TV stations in the USA.

You are of course correct.
Through dumb luck the units I bought in September of last year were ATSC.
I gave an "example" in my previous post unrelated to what I had actually purchased.
Here then is the example I should have given....but now at the price of $18.00 (and without the mini remote and antenna)