Cool Roku Trick for Cord Cutters and Campers

So let's say that you've downloaded a bunch of TV shows and movies, onto your phone, using something like Terrarium TV.

And let's say that you'd like to play them on your television without having to connect the phone and the TV to a third device, like a router.

Web Video Caster, by Instant Bits, will let you connect a Roku to the hotspot on your phone-- and then let you stream video files from that phone directly to your Roku.

You don't need anything other than a TV w/Roku and a phone that has hotspot mode. If you're boondocking with your RV in the middle of nowhere and want to stream video files to your TV then this would be the simplest way.

For some reason this doesn't seem to work with Fire TV or Chromecast. Those both need a device, in the middle, between the phone and streaming device.


Pardon the off subject interjection , but while y'all are here, how the heck can one watch live NFL games which aren't broadcast on OTA tv channels, on the cheap, while dependent on RV park wifi.?

If one has a Fire Stick or other Android device one could install a streaming app from or

Both run reasonably well, even with 0.5 Mbps of bandwidth.

Also, SlingTV streams at approximately 360p using only 0.4 Mbps. That's the "low" setting and I use it often. It works better for dramas than for live action sports but at least it'll work on many RV park WiFi systems.

You could also set up a system that establishes two or more WiFi connections, at the RV park, and combines them for greater bandwidth. I don't have first-hand experience doing this but I know it's done.

Speaking of Roku...
I've got a very nice looking Roku N1101 that will not complete network setup that I'd love to get online somehow...
Anyone know a trick to force it online or bypass network setup altogether on the 1st start ??
(Factory reset didn't even help...)((Model is no longer supported, of course.))