Convince me to continue with Freedompop

I have just 1 SIM left... going to let it expire and be done with FP. Any counter points?

You should continue with Freedompop - if you like to torture yourself, live dangerously, etc :slight_smile:

Transferring to the new Freemium SIM, throwing it in a drawer, and remembering to renew monthly, would give you a nice clean number for any promo that requires porting.

You can do that with the old free SIM, too, of course. I'm hoping that getting correct porting credentials for the new Freemium SIM will be easier/more reliable, and the porting process should be quicker since it won't be a VoIP number.

I had one really nice, easy to remember phone number amongst all my FP numbers and successfully ported it out as of yesterday.

I don't care what happens to the rest of them.

:lol: LMAO! :lol:

Same for us! Please remember to Cancel your accounts as well on the freedompop site, just for good measure.


If you'd like some assistance with verifying the status of an account, please feel free to reach out to our support team for some assistance. You may do so by submitting a ticket or visiting our community.


Another reason to consider keeping a FreedomPop line on the new freemium plan: according to a user on Reddit (who has purposely tried it), when the included 10 minutes are used, the system auto-adds $2 for an additional 100 minutes. (The call in progress will be dropped, and it takes a few minutes for the line to recharge.)

Text may do the same, but wasn't confirmed.

This would put it back in the realm of a very useful emergency 'glovebox' phone.

The catch is that you don't want to exceed the data allotment. That causes an $8 top-up charge, which also includes an additional 50 minutes. The catch is that if you've just incurred the $2 charge for 100 additional minutes, and then go into data overage, the 100 additional minutes gets replaced by the 50 minutes included with the data charge-- so you loose the extra minutes.

These results were obtained by experimenting, not documentation.

Unless the text can be disabled it is a bad idea, because some number will definitely receive spam text over 10 times each month!

Agreed! I wasn't familiar with the way RCS text worked when this plan was first announced-- so it seemed to me like a reasonable workaround at the time. But, apparently RCS text only works in RCS is enabled on both the sending and receiving phones-- so even if you send a text as RCS, it will revert to SMS if the person you're texting isn't using RCS. Add that to the problem with spam texts, and it's 'game over'.
Going over the 10 text allotment immediately charges $2, as does going over the 10 minutes via cellular voice. If that happens with regularity, any of the $2.50-$6/mo plans looks like a safer, more predictable, and more usable, choice.

I thought I’d mention that I reached out to them and they indicated that text cannot be disabled. My guess is that they rather not suspend an easy form of revenue being that it is possible with other providers. I could be wrong though.