Converting TVs into "Smart" TVs

Hello Friends,
With the holidays coming around the corner, I thought I would share a "good" find I found last year.

I like this device because it can be used on those old 2,000 lbs TVs with only the RED WHITE YELLOW cable support. The extended family loves this device because it saves them from buying a new 60-70 inch TV which is way out of their price range. To give a better idea, they JUST got wireless internet last year so also introducing them to Netflix support this offers as well sometime soon. Usually you can find these on eBay for less than $100 dollars. :slight_smile:

Good tip for connecting a older TVs. I might add that the old Roku2 can do this, I believe, and these can be had fairly cheaply as well.

Might be worth buying a 55" LED - depending on usage and electric rates, power savings alone might mean breakeven in a couple of years.

For someone who doesn't need a builtin storage solution, or needs special video support like mkv files, I recommend that as well. :slight_smile:

I travel with a Roku 2 for precisely that reason. Many hotels lock out the HDMI ports on their televisions but leave the RCA jacks operational for game consoles. When I encounter that I use my Roku 2. Roku 1 also has RCA jacks.

(My travel kit also includes a Fire Stick and a Chromecast.)

Semper Paratus---Good point about the Hotel workaround. Quite the travel kit.

Interesting security info about smart TVs. My smart tv is rather slow and not so smart; so I've disconnected its wired and wireless access to the internet and just use my other smarter streaming devices, which most likely are also vulnerable to hacks.

That's weird, all hotels I have been too don't lock those ports... I hope this didn't change recently :frowning:

This my main reason for never using free wifi at local places and having my own unlimited line... RIP 4GCommunity

It's hard to beat a Raspberry Pi Zero W delivered to your door for $12 for a streaming only device. It has HDMI, VGA, and Composite (RCA) video out. You do have to have a 8Gig micro SD for the OS though. Lots of fun projects with it.