Contest! for Creative bragging rights: Categories of cell users

If you are new to saving money with MVNO's it would simplify things if you could drop yourself in a pre-determined category of user.

I'm trying to come up with, up to 10 or less categories of users for folks to self sort.

Amusing names would be best. I'm sure the telecom industry has some unpublished names for categories.

For example; in the US we speak of auto body shops. In New Zealand they are universally called panel beaters.

Please post your suggestions for categories of users.
I'll start off with my admittedly boring starter list.
emergency phone
glove box phone
under 1200 minutes voice text data per year
talk till you drop
text till you drop
cheap data slow data ok.
power data user

Data Hog - I've seen this label used before, but I don't think such a thing exists.

I like.
Data hog + power user = I want it all!
Keep the suggestions rollng

Emergency phone, Glove box phone, no fees = cheapskate.
1200 or less minutes= ? Cheap date?

"Phone Hoarder" = Person who has more phones than days in a week.

I have almost three weeks worth of phones, and they're all active.

I might need an intervention.

"My name is Chelle and I'm a phone hoarder..."

Well done. The first step is the hardest. You're not alone on this forum.

Keep coming back.

Well, at least you haven't starred in an episode yet, have you? :slight_smile: