Congress Just Voted 50-48 to Erode Your Broadband Privacy

"Despite a last-minute effort by consumer advocates, the Senate today formally voted 50-48 (vote breakdown here) to dismantle the FCC's privacy protections for broadband subscribers. Congress had been fast-tracking the push to kill the rules, knowing the vote would likely be obscured by the debate over the Affordable Care Act. The vote leaned on the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to dismantle recently-passed regulations with a simple majority. Such a vote also bans similar rules from being reintroduced at a later date." SOURCE SOURCE

Sneaky sneaky.

A vote totally on party lines.

And one of the two senators who did not vote was Rand Paul.

It is a simple matter of economics. The rules affect the profitability of one group in order to benefit another. Naturally, the first group will take advantage of the rules of representative government to change the game.

It is always better to be a price maker than a price taker in situations such as this.

Verizon reportedly agrees with Congress & plans enhancement of targeted ads that its subcribers have yearned for. The price apparently is the very low cost of the privacy that the subscribers don't really have anymore anyway.

Now I'm off to paint my social security number on my garage door.

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