Congrats to mmfacemm on "Telepathy"

Congrats to mmfacemm on his 1000th post and reaching the "Telepathy" designation.

Why you may ask, am I posting this before he's reached his 1000th post?

Firstly, once he makes his 1000th post, congratulations are irrelevant because he already knows I don't mean it.

Secondly, I noticed that I was on 499 posts and I wanted to humbly mark my 500th post and graduation to "Smartphone" with something as spectacular as the 10000th post that I made earlier. What better than to give mmfacemm the honor of my 500th post as I know he was incredibly upset and jealous that I beat him to making the 10000th post earlier.

Congrats! :wink:

I think your pregratulations are both timely and appropriate and were in fact posted at exactly the point in time my telepathic powers predicted.

In the case of the member in question, I think the CellNUVO Guru badge should also be awarded simultaneously in recognition of the incredible knowledge of CellNUVO the member has displayed and the manner in which the member has championed the company. As this really should be called the CellNUVO forum, it is only appropriate that the holder of the CellNUVO Guru badge should , ex officio, be Chair of the Telepaths or the primus inter pares here on the Lofty Summit.

Your humility of course precludes you from listing the remarkable manner in which you have achieved, your justly deserved, current exalted status. Since the early days when you shared your Even Greater Wisdom as a mere Regular it was clear you were already contributing at the next level if not at an even higher one. In recognition of this and your fond memories of the days on Social, I propose you be awarded the Plus badge. That of course signifies that you are already at the Telepath level but the paperwork is simply not reflecting that reality.

So while a non-Telepath might offer you congratulations on your formal rank change, I know you know it would not be appropriate for me to do so because that would imply that until now you had not been functioning at the level. Since that it obviously false, I will simply note with satisfaction that the paperwork, while still lagging, is moving forward. It will be a pleasure to welcome you to the Lofty Summit with the appropriate rank shortly even though you have been here in substance for a very long time.


You're welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

mmfacemm reached the Lofty Summit some time ago.

Congratulations Fellow Telepath!

For the nimble there is still time to spot the post that made forum history!