Comparing sources & what they tack on...

Recently I've been curious about the FP walmart-only SIM deal because of its LACK of free or decent shipping options.
We don't plan on joining or trying w+, nor getting a 2nd one right now - so this is merely a curiosity of mine.


We do have a daily staple food which we've gotten in 50# sacks for years as it has never spoiled & always gets used up.

Soon we'll need another 50# sack of Grain Millers Rolled Oats #3, so I've looked around a bit.

Our usual source is here:
And costs 56.90 + 28.93 for UPS shipping to our door.

Here's the big W - with free shipping for 103.58:

Here's the big A's closest match which can have free prime shipping for 120.13

So - summing it all up as I see it - UNLESS someone or a family buys LOTS of stuff from either the big A or W which justifies the added spend for w+ or prime...
Such tiny things as a SIM kit, or big things like a 50# sack of yummy oats alone do not fit that spending profile & of course YMMV !!
(I must also add that slapping a label onto a sealed SIM kit & postage alone would cost way less than the 'free shipping' (non-w+) on a 50+# item !!)