Comments, Filtering Out the Trolls

The already fairly happy Norwegians have come up with a way to make the comment sections of websites happier places. Will it work? Please read the article before commenting.

"The whole point of this is increasing the barrier to entry. For legit readers, the barrier is low: it's asking questions about the article they just read. For trolls, the barrier is much higher, they have to go back and read the article. So, while not perfect, is a pretty clever solution to making it much harder for the undesirables than it is for your regular readers."

How a Norwegian comment section turned chaos into order—with a simple quiz | Ars Technica?

A great article and a great idea! (Funny... I was expecting a quiz before I could post this comment. :slight_smile: )

My main concern with the quiz it that I might flunk it even after comprehensively reading the article, which actually might be an extra benefit in that it may motivate some to improve their reading skills.