CN payment failed

Attempt from payment request this past weekend.

From Sprint msg
SprintFreeMsg Uh oh! $10.00 payment using Card acct 9006 was declined on 03/12/2018. Sign in Payment Center or call *3 for payment options.


Oh boy, that doesn't sound good..........

Nothing to worry about. I have had the same text messages for my last two payments and you'll probably receive several of them.

I've been told it is due to a problem with the sprint payment system. When cellnuvo submit the payment they are seeing an error that reads:
"Error >>>>> We are experiencing technical issues. Please try again later"

Just be patient. Mine went through in the end and they were for more than $10 - one within 48 hours and the other within 72. First thing in the morning seems to be the best time for success! I'd send in a support ticket so they can keep on top of it.