CN App closing on its own

For the last couple of days, my app has been closing on its own while I'm swiping/viewing ads.

Has anyone else experienced it?

On my ktkat phone it does that

What phone and what operating system are you using. Have you tried clearing out the cache and resetting the Google id?

If that doesn't work then you might try to re install app

I'm using Samsung Galaxy S5.

I'll try what you suggest.

Thank you!

Also I used. Wiping partition cashe and that made app smoother

Google instructions for a galaxy s5

Thanks for more tips.

I cleared cache and also just tried wiping partition cache. Unfortunately, still having the same issue.

I may have to reinstall the app. Hopefully, that will take care of it and hopefully I won't lose my gold in the process...

Thanks again!

Take screen cap of your account page in app

If you use same email and remember correct pass. Gold will not be lost.

Depending how you signed up for app. You might need your imei number

If you used refferAl then email is fine

PS did you reset Google I'd?

No, I haven't reset google ID yet. Not sure what it means or what to do... When I googled, it suggested resetting Advertise ID. Is that it???

What andriod version you have?

Ok you have same phone as family member. They use Android 5.1. Are you telling same or 6?

  1. go to apps icon
  2. go to Google settings
  3. under services click Ads
    4)first selection is Reset advertising ID. Click that
  4. it will ask to reset and replace ID. Click ok

Just note cellnuvo app will ask for if you are make or female and age and work again. That is normal

I grabbed the S5 here and verified these instructions are correct

Try this before unistall. Can't hurt to try.

Android 6.0.1

Read above. So hope 6 is same as 5 if not same procedure. So will give you one for Android 7 and one should work.

Most people here have done this and it is safe

Oh. I'm sorry I had totally missed that instruction. Definitely will give it a try.

(My current CN app has the IMEI from my old phone, which I needed to use when I switched to this phone. So, I'm asking CN to update my IMEI now. I don't want to reinstall the app till that's taken care of.)

Thank you so much for all your help. I'd rather not have to reinstall the app. So, hoping that resetting ID would do the trick.

I just tried the reset.

When I swiped it started showing more ads and 100 pts survey would show up too. I was excited for a moment, but they just keep disappearing in a few seconds. Can't seem to handle anything bigger than 2 pts kiip. :frowning:

Now my hope is that it is not the end of my phone yet...

Do you think swiping so many times actually do any harm to the phone? I wonder if this "free" cell service is worth it if it is possibly shortening the life of my cell phone.

No it does not do shorten life
There are people here who have swiped. 1000 plus gold
No one ever mentioned that.

Once I'd is reset you do get more surveys and ads for short time
What do you mean disappearing before you get the credit? Explain pls.

Is app still shutting down unexpectedly?

I hope some more experienced posters chime in here


Yes, 'shutting down' would have been the better description. It just looks like the app/ad 'disappears' from the screen almost every time I get an ad or a survey opportunity. Mostly before I get the credit. Can't get anything above 2 pts. Not the same as freezing I've experienced before.

Good to know that I'm not wearing my phone down by swiping for silver.
Thank you for clarifying that.

So you not getting any f the new snikers candy 15 silver ads?

Cellnuvo stated a new update coming real soon that is going to correct the non paying ads and maybe fix your issue

Plus was told better paying ads coming too. So maybe wait for update?

Did you ask support for help too?

I can see how this must be frustrating

No, I haven't seen snikers ads since this problem started a couple of days ago.

The way my app is acting now, I wouldn't be able to finish viewing one even if I do get one.

Thanks for the info about the new update. That would be nice :slight_smile:

So nothing I had you do helped?

I am hoping more experienced posters chime in.


Thank you very much for all the advice and attention you gave to my problem. Truly appreciated.
Unfortunately my problem hasn't been solved. Hopefully, reinstalling the app or getting that upgrade would take care of it.
I'm waiting to hear back from CellNuvo before uninstalling+reinstalling it.

Thanks again!

What cellnuvo version?

Many of us reinstalled many times. Gold never lost. As long as you have info you signed in with and access to email

@Guff. As one who have uninstalled and reinstalled CN App many times, I can confirm that your Gold/Silver are 100% safe! Your account using the original method of installing the app...using imeid number. Cellnuvo is no longer offer cell services with your Gold, so now your Imeid number is just merely a number for you to reinstall the app. In the future, should you change phone, no need to contact Cellnuvo to change the Imeid number. Just be sure to write that IMeid number down, along with relevant information somewhere so that you can use it to reintall CN app later should you need to.

To reinstall the original method via Imeid, enter: Nuvo into referral/keyword line, then enter email, phone number, then enter last four number of the IMeid on file (sometimes it'll ask for 18 digits). That's it...pretty simple procedure!

P.S. Cellnuvo is having technical difficulty as of 9/2/2018. Most ads are only 1 or 2 points. I'm sure it'll back to normal shortly.