CN Android app on tablet for points with line on phone - confirmations, please?

Similarly to what is posted here I suspect:

I've got a desktop only tablet that has to be in a cradle to work that I'd like to do this with - and for any points to be used vith my phone's line.

Can anyone confirm they are doing this and tell how it is accomplished, please ??


Yes I have done it on a second phone and also tablet. Chelle also has hers on a Kindle fire.

  1. Sign up and activate your line with your cellnuvo phone if you have not already done so.
  2. Check your online account has the ability to "generate code" next to the activation code in devices/status/plan section of your account.
  3. Download the app to your tablet (probably have to sideload it - - thanks Chelle)
  4. Generate a new activation code via your online account. If you cannot do this then you will have to email support for a new code.
  5. Activate the app on the tablet using the code. The app won't work on the cellnuvo phone as it is one active app per account at a time. However the phone will continue to be active and work for calls, texts, minutes etc.
  6. Swipe and enjoy.

Thanks Mmfacemm !!
Nice of Chelle to share those APK files which may be needed by some folks.

Sideloading is my norm - getting the APK files is simple enough usually & then using My Phone Explorer (free) on the PC closes that loop & allows me to keep the Big g somewhat out of my life & activities.

1-3 are all good here, please clarify a little on 4 ??:

By this do you mean that I can put the app on several devices to swipe for credits, but only use 1 at a time for that AND that the phone with the active cellular line can NOT swipe a'tall for credits anymore, or ???

The Sprint connected phone will stay Sprint connected regardless of where the activated app resides.

You can activate the app on any Android device, but activation of the app will deactivate any other installations of the app.

The Sprint connected phone will keep working, however. That's completely separate from the credit earning app.

Hi Chelle, and thanks.
OK, so if I put it on my wifi-only desktop phone there'll be no point in also putting it on the tablet as changing from one to the other to use it for points will require re-activation, right ??


It's pretty quick and easy, though. When the ads flow free and easy I'll activate a different device when the battery gets low in the one I'm using. There are some really slow days, so I like to get when the getting is good.

All you do is generate a new code in your CN dashboard and enter it into the app settings. It activates instantly.

I've also generated about 50 new codes so far so it appears to be limitless.