Cleanliness Reconsidered

Wonderful: Strong evidence of the cause of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, childhood leukaemia, and a way to prevent it. Professor Mel Greaves, after many years of research, appears to have found a way to prevent hundreds of thousands of children for years to come from contracting and suffering from this horrible disease.

Counterintuitive: And surprisingly, who would have thought that the best intentions of parents striving to keep their children clean so as to protect them from illness and suffering would turn out to be a major factor in causing this disease, which has been increasing in prevalence about 1% a year in affluent and clean modern countries such as the US. Although childhood leukaemia is rare, there are thousand of new cases every year throughout the world, and, of course, one case is too many.

What's more, there is some evidence that Dr. Greaves findings may help with other intractable illnesses.