Citi Double Means Double hasn't paid since 6/19 (Monday)

Hasn't paid on both the 2.0 and 2.14 apps. The ad seems to show up less on the 2.14 app.

Is CellNUVO even trying to fix it or is this the new norm? Perhaps at least pull the ad until it's fixed.

I mentioned it to Tom a couple of days ago - he is looking into it.

There's a chance that the problem is upstream from CellNUVO. It's my understanding that we get credited as CellNUVO gets credited. If they're not getting credited then our "cut" wouldn't pass through.

I have a spreadsheet program that keep track of these No Paid ads. At the end of the month, I get the total no paid ad points. So that I can take it to the authorities if necessary.

I waste my time and my fingers are getting tired if I don't get anything in return.

After the RingPlus screwed up. I don't trust these type of companies anymore. Hell, they didn't refund the Lifetime Membership which I only had it for 4 months. My bank only cover 90 days.

It looks like they've pulled the Citi ads. I haven't been seeing any.

I still think that the problem is probably upstream from CellNUVO.

Ha! Y'all jinxed me. I got one as soon as I typed that last post!

To addition to CITY ads I am not getting credits for BIO adds. Others are crediting fine.

Im having our marketing check into this today. Will advise as soon as I have details

Please do fix asap - 90% of my ads are these non crediting citicard ads. Whether I watch them or click no thank you they still keep coming back. Thanks!

I've been experiencing the exact same thing tonight.

Very frustrating.

nefarious goings on

Majority of ads for me now are non-crediting Citi ads. Just hope they keep track of how many credits they'll need to reimburse us.

After the Ring+ fiasco I think Tom mentioned something early on that we can expect a more transparent company from CellNUVO. Hopefully he'll keep his promise.

Since it is a known issue I'm not expecting them to credit anything. We don't have to watch them. It would be nice if they did credit them though. hint hint

Citi has new ads with new actors . Maybe that had messed up things. Did get a 500 point survey!

I get 100 citi ads and some others. At least stop the citi ads. Even not watching them wastes time

The timing is particularly bad because I wrote a newspaper column about CellNUVO, a few weeks ago, and encouraged people to download the app and use it in trial mode.

Anyone who follows my advice is going to think I'm nuts for recommending it. Ouch.

i watched about 30 citi credit card ads today... zero point. i was wondering if it was my internet speed, then i found that candy bar and coastguard still award points. that citi ad should ay least award two points because if you dont watch the videi it is like a static ad.

I just don't see why they can't just remove it. Instead they have multiplied them so now there are hundreds of them each hour?!

Besides this one post, they've been awfully quiet about this :unsure:


Can you put a link to the article you wrote? :slight_smile: