Citi Double Cash coversion

There are other 2% cash back cards out there, so figure I can go with the conversion and if it's not good, just cancel the card. Would you do it?

ty points aren't that exciting. I doubt it will be worthwhile. 2% cash is decent for an every day card already. If you want to get serious about rewards then bonuses is where the money is.

Looked into it further, better off applying for the Thank You card separately and get the new acct bonus. But then, the program rewards, I agree, is not that interesting... mentions of Amazon gift card on forums but looks like it's not available anymore when I check the redemption site.

Yes no amazon gift cards but you can link your card with amazon and use points that way. It isn't 1TY:$1 though. Right now they have a $15 off $50 promo if you use 1 TY point at amazon so that is something for select accounts. But otherwise you aren't going to get more than the 2% cash back. It will only be useful to those saving up for something (eg a flight) with TY points from other cards who need a top up.

They have BestBuy gift cards and about 30 others.

But yes as an everyday spend card it is decent with 2% cash back especially if you don't want to mess with bonuses.

Only makes sense if you use the card at 99 cent stores and you buy only 1 item at a time. ;p

Not a good way to make friends with the cashier, though.