Chromebook...using with Android apps...meh

Howdy Folks.
Some while back I grabbed a Chromebook for next to nothing via a discount site via a large credit.
Sleek looking thing too - though I was not impressed by its main AC power being USB C.

Upon examination I came to realize that it was just google in a box with too few options to suit my needs.
After poking at it a few times it was put off to the side as I had other matters of more interest and higher priority.

Just lately the unactivated device that I've used for quite some time to display my 'window to the outside world' had its battery sort of blow up - and its absense was dearly
Having tried other Android apps on the Chromebook with disappointing results - I took it out & tried the cam's app.

It did work - but poorly IMO.
The aspect ratio was a mess such that it only displayed ~2/3 of the normal view whether in portrait or landscape mode, and adjusting the screen rotation did not help either.
The other thing noticed was that viewing angle for clarity is very limited on this device.

Meantime, I ordered a replacement battery - which was easy & had a nicely low price.
That came today & now my 'window' is back to its normal size & shape, which is smaller than I'd prefer, but still quite clear, complete and can be seen easily whether I'm sitting, standing, or whatever.

The only shame in this, ultimately is that the little cam MUST use its own app vs. simply using RTSP, which is a nuisance.
Maybe 1 day I'll come across a great deal on a nicely small cam that will work via RTSP, that'd be great !!

But as to the Chromebook - back into storage it goes unless some appropriate uses come along for it here.