Chirps, Grasshopper Tacos, and more

What's grosser, eating free range insects, or eating chickens, pigs, fish, and cows?

Insect hot dogs, sausages, and insect pizza doesn't sound too bad.

Maybe just eating plants will do.

If it's somehow proven that eating insects lowers cholesterol, enhances sex life, causes weight loss, and increases longevity, then game on. Time to invest in insect stocks.

Or maybe...
Get truly radical and choose...breatharianism ?? :

Or is that merely another form of self-abuse ??

Speaking personally - I enjoy eating; it is a pleasure that can usually be depended upon & which is able to bring great satisfaction if/when one is also health oriented.
Not against the consumption of bugs either, as that would make them useful rather than mostly annoying, but:
If they are more costly to use instead of common market items like bean sprouts or mushrooms, why bother ??

Yes, life is meaningless with or without food, but it's much more meaningless without eating food. And breathing is good for one and keeps one alive, and it can be done without thinking about it, until something goes amiss. Crickets, meat, fish, plants, sunlight, oxygen---it's all good.


If bugs could be made into really, really good coffee - many folks would adore them for that !!

Many years ago it occurred to me that coffee is actually the 'elixir vitae' of myth & I still hold that as a truth.

Yeah---"Chirp Dark Roast" coffee.