Cheapest 6, 12 month plan

6, 12 month plan:
We are looking for a hotspot 10 gig plus for emergency in case cable goes out. It should be on the T-Mobile network. Since I already have window signal booster boxes for that Network.

It just needed for a video chat such as zoom. It can either be a standalone usb hotspot or just a SIM card for a factory unlocked phone. We have a new Moto e4.

It could also be a regular plan that has calling and text even though we won't use it for that.

Redpocket has an expensive 20 gig plan but 20 gigs is too much $360. They say that you can chat with them to turn on the hotspot.

Of course my current plan that I have with them is with Verizon and does not allow them to turn on hotspot. But I only have 8 gigs anyway. And I would have to get a new SIM card. Also I would have to wait for my rollover day.

Any help would be appreciated and the cheaper the better since it is only going to be used for emergencies.

T-Mobile has great 5G hotspot plans now. I think they're around $55/mo.

According to Mint Mobile has 10GB/mo. $240 for 12 months. US Mobile has 12GB/mo. for $27/mo + taxes. Both on T-Mobile network.

Thanks guys

$55 is too much for a spare