Cheap, Quick & Easy Android GSM Phone?

We're on vacation with my step-granddaughter-in-law-once-removed (or something like that).

She's with T-Mobile and broke her phone, yesterday.

Is anyone aware of something cheap, quick and easy that we can dash into Walmart or Best Buy and grab for under $50?

I think at $50 you'll only find something that's marked for clearance at a particular store.
If she's with T-Mobile Postpaid/Prepaid, you'll need that specific branding, or unlocked.

Some of the local Target stores here stock the unlocked BLU JL5 at $70. 5", Android Go, limited RAM, plenty of ROM.

2 other possibilities come to mind:
Maybe an independent cellphone store might have something used that would work?
Or any chance you're passing thru my hometown?

I think for a quick dash in the store kind of phone you are looking at $100-150 unless you can find something on clearance. Check the nearest walmart as often they have something on clearance. Ask someone at the counter if you.can't find anything as they often have them hidden.

Targets may have
Nokia 1.3: Android Go 10. $100 16gb/1gb . My brother has one, and likes it just fine as a 'phone'.
Nokia 1.4 Android Go 10, $120 32gb/2gb.

Best Buy may have the Nokia 1.3, also at $100, or a BLU model around $100-110.
I don't think the "Activate today" discount does any good for a reduced price at Best Buy for you-- doesn't look like they can activate on T-Mobile, and I don't know if an existing account works for "Activate Today" pricing anyway.

Walmart in my city doesn't stock any lower priced unlocked phones, at least according to to a web browser search. I've heard the Walmart app might do a better job of ID'ing what's available locally.

Thank you!

I would normally have extra unused phones with me but, since we're out on the west coast, I packed light for this trip.

She flies back to the east coast on Wednesday, so I'll just let her mom take care of it when she gets home.

Thanks for the great advice, as usual!

Chelle, I sent a PM.