Cheap large screen GPS navigation

Is it possible to use an unconnected Tablet for automotive gps maps/ navigation use? Or another better solution?
( our GPS nav is 10 years out of date and failed us miserably looking for RV repair while traveling cross country)

Best Apps?

I'm in the market for a tablet but I see that the great Black Friday fire tablets don't have gps
I see freedom pop is offering a "free" cdma tablet $39, activation fee with 200mgb per month.
Is there a better way to get a cheap 7" or larger screen for automotive navigation and general email checking?


I use a cellphone, with FreedomPop service, for GPS.
Which tablet is FreedomPop offering at that price?

I've seen references (but haven't researched to confirm) that the Slate 8 includes GPS.
I'm not sure because there are several similarly named devices....and FreedomPop doesn't do a good job of giving precise model #'s.

I've likewise seen, but not researched, that the Alcatel A30 tablet includes GPS (not offered by FreedomPop, though). (don't confuse it with the similarly named A30 phone-- why do they do that?)
I think nearly all Samsung Galaxy Tabs include GPS, too.
I got a ZTE Trek 2 HD 8" tablet via ebay (currently with a FP SIM) that apparently includes GPS, although I haven't tried it. I got mine for around $65, but I think the typical price has gone up since then.

I use Here We Go (formerly Nokia Here) because it works fine offline (Google Play Store). You do have to download the maps (set it up in the menu preferences to download to microSD card storage.) I've loaded and used it before on phones with GPS, but with no active cellular service.

If you go off the beaten path, an offline mapping app is really useful even if you have cellular service.

Sprint site says yes.

This video mentions it is LTE only