Cheap/Good Android Tablet

Can someone recommend an Android tablet under $100 that is good for using for exercise equipment?

Appreciate suggestions.

Hard to find anything good for $100

Try this:

Since I don't know my way around the China brand grey market tab marketplace the only thing that came to mind was an Amazon fire tablet. Currently 8" under $50. Of course not vanilla Android and a bit of work if you want to escape Amazon or just install play store.

The Samsung tab mmfacemm linked to seems like a decent find.

I agree with redrotors on both counts!
We use the Amazon Fire tablets at work for an app needed on jobsites: they are, in my opinion, hard to beat at the cost. They are more work to get set up for general Play Store use (one time), and to debloat them to the extent that is easy. (We don't root them, just disable the Amazon apps.) Compared to other tablets, I think the displays are serviceable, but not great. They take a long time to charge. They build quality seems very good, and we haven't had one quit working despite running in outdoor summer heat, moisture, and general abuse. WiFI reception is strong.

mmfacemm's Samsung find looks great to me, and might well be worth the extra money for ease of use and refinement.

My personal tablet (also used for the same work application) is an 8" AT&T/ZTE Trek II K88. Hard to recommend this one, because the Android OS is pretty old, and only available used, but I love the tablet on all fronts, and would consider looking at a newer ZTE if/when needed.

I've used a Lenova M10: seemed fine, and I liked it enough to look at pricing, which seemed reasonable. (But the 10" isn't likely to be under $100.) I don't think the build quality is nearly as good as the Fire, Samsung, or my older ZTE, but that might not be a factor for this application.

Thanks guys,

Is it better to wait for a holiday like July 4th?

We have a hand me down iPad 4
But the apple store stops old ipads from updating apps or new apps

Apple stops old apps from working.

I tried to looking up cracking the iPad just to get to install old apps like browsers, cable co, YouTube, or a free tv app. To use in exercise room only.

I never liked Apple before and now even more. They take a perfectly good iPad and make it useless.

Well, Android does that, too. The last time I checked, the cutoff was somewhere around Android 4.3. I'm not sure that that older apps are disabled, but they can't be updated.

If you have an unbroken and functional machine. To purposely make it outdated should be illegal.

Imagine doing this to an automobile.