Change in dashboard - not good

Dashboard has been revamped. Now there is no place to add in your own pin code.

Seemed better before to me :frowning:

Yes that is a big fat PITA. You have to log out and refill using guest checkout. Someone botched the testing of the new system. I cannot imagine that they designed it that way, although sillier things have happened.

The new system does tell you the SIM, Device ID and Device Type in some instances, depending on underlying carrier. It appears that you can change the SIM, although I am not going to try that at the moment!

I asked support to change it back. They said they asked. Answer. NO

Recently tried Red Pocket for the first time.
Two issues and they can't fix either, been nearly two weeks.
They closed one ticket, marked it "solved", problem not fixed but I guess to RP "solved" means something other than "we fixed the issue".
If their support continues in the uneducated/incompetent (& dammed slow) manner it has displayed so far I'll be leaving them and they will get placed in the same category as America Movil brands - never again, not me, not friends, not any line I manage.

What to make issues you having? Maybe some of us had the same and can help

In brief.

  1. Voicemail autoplay does not work. This is basic VM. Worked fine on previous services (AT&T, Page Plus). VM reset done several times (painful chat support, took one of them over one hr. to ACTUALLY achieve after repeatedly telling me it is reset, ticket support was just as bad - "we reset your VM to default, password is now the last 4 of your phone #" NOPE, not reset. another fail and for that you waste 3 days waiting for a useless response that is just repeating actions that have been done before). Phone reset. SIM into another phone, same issue. They want to make it my/phone fault. I think it is a (their) system issue.
  2. Caller ID name wrong. They claim they can only default to "wireless caller" yet current name is one never associated with the line/# BUT is the name of the eBay account person the plan was purchased under. Before port over caller ID name was correct.

Phone is galaxy S8 on CDMAV Red Pocket.

Why don't you try free youmail vvm

No password needed. Works fantastic with cdmav. Rp

First 10 voicemail you get audio playback with free transcription of the voicemail. After 10. You just have the audio playback. You just push play and you hear it.

You have nothing to lose in trying. My pocket support will have you going in circles.

I absolutely love youmail app

I don't disagree however
She likes old fashioned VM & doesn't want to use mobile data / leave mobile data turned on.

Youmail uses data when not using WiFi. It uses both. I do not find it a data hog at all. Of course if you have a very limited data plan and no 2g backup. I understand.

Although gsmt can not use youmail and you must call in like 1990's. No password needed.

For me the youmail app is a lifesaver

Appreciate the suggestion/info.

I'll try the youmail WiFi tack with her. The native VZW VVM was mobile data only as far as I could see/configure. She leaves WiFi off all the time also unless she needs it or is actively using it, then back off. Leaves Bluetooth off also. "Battery lasts way longer".

Still doesn't solve the issue that they can't even make old fashioned ("1990's") VM work correctly.

Rp support you get what you pay for.

For old fashioned vm. I liked their gsmt. TMobile. No password needed from your cellphone. Maybe ask to for a free gsmt sim card

T-mo native only is a wasteland for her so a no go.

I notice too that before I used to be able to renew my $60 annual plan at the full price via redpocket but that option is gone.