CellNuvo versus Walmart parking lot

My wife’s Cellnuvo habits were getting frustrating for me, so I threw her a challenge when she was swiping in the McDonald’s store inside our local Walmart.

She would swipe for gold for 30 minutes on Cellnuvo and I would walk around in the Walmart parking lot picking up stray pennies that people had dropped. Then we will compare who gets more money in 30 minutes. She was glad because that way I will at least get some exercise, so she stepped up to that challenge.

I went out to our car where I immediately found three quarters someone had dropped. Then I walked our dog around once and picked up $1.16 more. There were still nineteen minutes remaining, so I sat down quietly behind my wife in the McDonald’s while she kept furiously swiping.

At the end of 30 minutes, she had made almost 400 silver with Google id resets and Windscribe location changes, which she said is worth 40 cents. While in just 11 minutes, I had picked up $1.91 and even walked our dog.

Do it, again, tomorrow.

Same McDonald's. Same parking lot.

I'll bet there isn't nearly as much low hanging fruit in the parking lot...

That is my idea!!! though I don't have a wife, yet.

Someone remind me why putting in an hour a month for CN is worth a free month of cellular service

How much do you make in an hour of employment? How much would your cellular bill be if you had to pay for it?

@tomas I would suggest you try panhandling in the Walmart parking lot, for it's more lucrative. I made about $5 in 30 minutes, and if you had your wife join you, we're talking $20 an hour.:wink:

How are these two as alternatives to CellNuvo, given that I haven't seen a survey in a LOOONG time on CellNuvo (I haven't tried either of these but a friend suggested these two:
Mindless surveys - www.qmee.com
Interesting surveys needing more thought - www.prolific.ac )
Does anyone have more alternatives they know of? I'm sure all of us here can come up with better things than panhandling or picking up quarters!!

I added swiping on Lucky Day (referral in the referral link thread). So far, enough points to cash out $2 gift card. There is also a cash win and I have $8 there but have to wait until I get $10 before being able to cashing that out.

I've been getting one or two surveys per day. I just finished two, in fact.

I generally get a few surveys every evening here too. First swipe tonight was a 100 point one question survey.

Me also get surveys

Watch out for the lady that drinks wine in a cart in a pringles can

Watch out for the lady that drinks wine in a cart from a pringles can

I wasn't bothering anyone. They didn't need to call the police...

The world is full of busybodies that can't just mind their own business.

--- I know Chelle was joking. I'm not. I can't stand busybodies. The only thing worse are the know-it-alls. :angry:

EDIT TO ADD: I'm really glad that there are no know-it-alls here. It makes for a much more useful and entertaining experience. :slight_smile:

If your needs were minimal, the original CellNuvo setup could provide a month's service per hour of swiping. Not anymore.

It's not worth giving up an hour of paid employment to swipe for an hour. I have yet to find an employer willing to pay me for twiddling my fingers while watching TV. CellNuvo is willing to do that.

security guard job?

What this forum needs is a "I like your smart-ass comment" button. I'd use it a lot.

then 3 years later...

Try doing that in the rain or snow and let me know how it works out. I swipe when it is raining or snowing, while watching tv or listening to the radio. It's best when you can get surveys.