CellNUVO & The Question of Money

The entire situation with CellNUVO is symptomatic of a company that wants to spend as little as possible and doesn't care how much customer time and inconvenience results.

Way behind schedule - check
Software not fully implemented or available at all - check
Poor processes - check
Manual intervention - check
Poor customer service / not completing customer requests in a timely manner - check
Not bothering to communicate - check
Random service outages - check
Inability to redeem credits - check
Lost phone numbers - check

Given the above, it's abundantly clear they're not spending enough money on their operations. The current situation is not Mobile Matterz fault, nor PC Management nor Red Pocket. You can't even blame Karl Seelig for what is going on.

Since they claim to be profitable, there should be no monetary reason why they can't address all or many of the issues I just listed above. So the only valid conclusions are amongst the following:

  1. Customer inconvenience and outages are less important than a short term reduction in CellNUVO profits
  2. They are truly incompetent and money would have no bearing on changing that
  3. They are no longer profitable and cannot afford to fix things or run their operations in any way different to how they have been

It could even be all 3.

I will add a disclaimer to your post so anyone new to this game will know you had no interest in using CellNuvo. JTSR71wrote on September 19, 2017 in post=11313 I stayed out of CellNUVO, even with an unused phone, because I didn't feel it was worth my time.

Disclosure: I do have a CellNuvo account and want them to succeed.

I'll add a second disclaimer,

JTSR71 has claimed that he's regularly making negative posts about CellNuvo in order to protect the poor innocent prospective user (or current user) who might be unaware of his claims: In following that lead, and especially since he's been starting a new negative CellNuvo thread at least once a day, lately, it's probably useful to let those same users understand that his theories and arguments are far from universally accepted by those who actually use CellNuvo.

JTSR71's theories and opinions are not consistently held across the body of actual CellNuvo users.

Some CellNuvo users, past & present agree with his posts in part, or in whole.
Some CellNuvo users, past and present, disagree with his posts, in part or in whole.
A significant number of CellNuvo users believe his posts about CellNuvo are consistently unfair, offer speculation as fact, and are often designed to be incendiary.

Disclosure: I do have a CellNuvo account, and I want them to succeed. I acknowledge that they have some serious problems to address in order to do so.

Spot On

Disclosure: I am saddened of what this forum has become. A viper's nest for trolls and bashers
I do have a CellNuvo account, and I want them to succeed