CellNUVO / Swipir apparently finally over

I'm one of the diehards ( or fools) who continued to swipe ( a little bit) on both apps but I have seen no activity on either app in at least a week. No ads, no surveys nothing.

An official " It's over" message would be nice though.

Didn't you hear the fat lady sing 6 months ago?

@Puppydude: You surely deserve an award for being the MOST Diehard Swiper!

Though not official words from CellNuvo, it's over! Done! It tried its best to make it works...revising games, implementing new cash flow policies, but in the end, it wasn't meant to be. It was fun while it lasted. Oh well.....

I had a pretty good idea. lol

I just tried (hate to since I see a balance I will never receive)

I still get surveys

Oh, no-- you just forced puppydude to keep swiping. (Did you get points?)

... might have been on auto pilot the last few months. This guy had been paying his rent for the last 3 years...

Agreed -- one would expect that "Dr. Tom's" Hippocratic oath would require him to notify us, the next of kin, of poor old CN's demise. Unfortunately, it turned out to be more of a hypocritical oath instead, as he allowed us to keep swiping on his apps while he kept swiping whatever funds were available.

That said, I do appreciate the fact that I was able to pay for over a year's service for one of our cell phones. It sure was nice while it lasted, but nothing lasts forever, especially in the lower echelons of the MVNO world.

I won't complete anything that will give Tom another dime. It is the principal.


Upon further checking today. In response for this thread only. today I got door dash and Chick-fil-A ads.

Guess others are in a dead zone as I suspected

So I guess I could take over as king of winning split pots that will never pay out.

I rather walk backwards. At least that way. I will get somewhere

Guess I'll have to try again then lol


Oh no ads here. Guess it is gone for good!!!