Cellnuvo support ? Update?

Could somebody from support give an update???

when do we get our old number back?

What happens to our points?

Etc etc etc

Please update!

If anyone has other questions to ask . Fire away

Good luck :dry:

:unsure: Why does there exist something rather than nothing?

It being a holiday there is unlikely to be anything today. Numbers were supposed to be coming back shortly after the holiday.

We'll probably find out though by some user mentioning it and passing on the info.

As I stated in a previous post, to me the essential questions are these:

  1. When or if it's possible to get original numbers back (if you can't just tell us. We can take it)
  2. Do we loose the silver we earned watching thousands of commercials? (I have 112,000)
  3. How and when can we 're-load' our accounts?
  4. Is CN willing to spend 120 seconds a day to update us even if the update is 'nothing new or hang tight'?

P.S. Unfortunately I think I know the answer to number 4.....

#2 has been confirmed that you will not lose you silver.

Number 5 should be premium support 1000 silver

I'd like to know who pulled the rug from under them, I want names! lol

Ha, Ha, Ha,

Good One.

You do know it's Labor Day not April 1st.

Interestingly enough, one of my accounts that has had RP service for several days no longer shows up as a RP number under Red Pocket Mobile. It still has service, but no longer shows up on RP. Not sure what this means, but thought I would share.

Interesting. I just checked my temp # and it still shows up at RP easyrefill...at least for now.

I think azjwill might input his phone number in ringplus incorrectly?


quote="Michael Corleone" post=10214]Interesting. I just checked my temp # and it still shows up at RP easyrefill...at least for now.


Me too.

I just tried it this morning and it now shows up again. I left the page up from last night and copied and pasted the number this morning, so no chance of mis-typing it last night. Must have just been some glitch.

I received an e-mail from Tom this morning regarding my original numbers that they are " in transition" and that he will "find out where its hung up and have them expedite any issues".

Not sure what to make of that.

That sounds reassuring B)


If Tom still doesn't know where the "hung up" is after over two weeks, then we are really _ _ _ _ _ed !