CellNuvo Performance Vs Swipir

So, all my family has stopped swiping due to the super bad CellNuvo ad performance.

For me, Swipir is making more sense ad wise for now (toying with that test account), since I can get 20 entries every other day (not sure why the next day nothing flows) and some ads when right swiping are paying out 4-5 points which is a huge improvement from the .33 - 1 point payouts.

That said, is anything different being seen on the CellNuvo app or even Swipir?

I get more ads on cellnuvo. A pet project one and another about pink leggings. Neither app is any good though. I never seem to make it all the way to 20.

No idea about right swipe as I don't bother. I'm not swiping for peanuts just to have some squirrel come along and snatch them all.

Unfortunately, nothing really new for me.
Swipir still produces 10 point ads, when I can get ads. Most days, no more than 5-10. An occasional survey. (This playing for daily entries-- I only swipe for match ads when muscle memory makes me do it.)

CellNuvo app, I got 2 ads last night for split-the-pot entries. I did not try the match game.

I usually swipe mid-evening, 7:30-9 PM central time. In the rare instances when I've swiped at other times, it seemed I might be getting more ads. (CellNuvo used to be this way, where ads seemed to be released at specific times, and then run out after a while.)