CellNUVO pay rate for swiping

Red Pocket's cheapest plan is $52 a year for 100/100/500. Ignoring the texts, that's a total of 7200 minutes and MB a year.

That means a minute or MB costs 0.72c.

I hear that you can earn about 3000 silvers an hour.

Minutes and MB cost 20 silver each, so that's 150 minutes or MB an hour earned.

150 x 0.72c means you're earning $1.08 per hour.

If you can earn 5000 silvers an hour, the minutes or MB earned is 250 per hour, which is a pay rate of $1.81 per hour.

Holy crap I'm a sLave of cellnuvo!

Way back when I was 14 years of age, I worked at a "Fosters Freeze" joint where I was paid the minimum wage of about $1.08 per hour. At least I got to work with some attractive girls, as well as the free food perks. CN swiping is not nearly as fun.:frowning:

If you're buying the 500/500/500 plan for 10 gold a month, note that it's $88 a year to buy directly.

That means 1 gold is valued at $0.73c.

I saw that you had 300 Gold so it's worth $220 if you use it to buy this plan.

They both make your head and hand hurt though!

The difference is that working means you have to compete for the job and then make the $/hr... supply vs demand.

You see similarity in cases of Taxi driver vs Uber/Lyft Driver...

Feel the $ rate is too low, go get a job. Want the flexibility to earn subsidized cell service, swipe away.

I swipe at work

Your assumptions and logic are off ... way off. Quite simply 1 gold = $1

Just made $4 watching an hour of tv. Very little extra effort. Assuming I can redeem it someday

Now, that's what I call double dipping! :evil:

Redemption value depends on how you use the credit compared to other options you have to obtain the same service. I laid out the basis for my calculations. My assumptions and logic cannot be off or way off if I calculate redemption value according to a possible scenario.

What is your usage pattern and how do you calculate the redemption value that you state you get?

So it sounds like you earned 4000 silver.

Which is 200 minutes or 200 mb or 2000 text.

To me (not you), that isn't worth $4. I have unlimited minutes and texts on Xfinity for $1 a month, and I have all the data (and talk and text) I need from FreedomPop for $0 a month.

So I could equally say that your assumptions and calculations are way off. But I won't. :wink:

I have all the everything I need from Cellnuvo for 3000 silvers. VZW all of everything costs $60. By my definition of valuation, my hour spent swiping is worth $60. And I did it while watching CNN for an hour. So I"m getting paid $60/hour to watch CNN. Pretty good gig. I plan to watch more CNN tomorrow night. I get paid so much to watch CNN that I might quit my day job.

Redpocket only sell the annual plans on ebay. They aren't available to cellnuvo using gold.

All current redemption options are all 1 gold = $1.

$10 redpocket plan = 10 gold. $45 redpocket plan = 45 gold etc.

And what is the ROI for trying to convince everyone that CellNuvo is an evil empire, and we're all stupid?
I guess you've invested about 100 hours in that this month.

No one sits there and swipes and does nothing else. At least I hope not. It isn't a job. We've explained it all to you in the last ROI thread you made.

Well I suppose whether it's $1.08 or $4 or $60 an hour is somewhat immaterial if you can't redeem it for two months or you spend even more hours trying to get it redeemed.

So why make the thread...

Because I saw your post about the reduced Red Pocket deals and wanted to share my calculation of the new earning rate.

but it isn't related. Those aren't available to cellnuvo. Posted for those interested in redpocket outside of cellnuvo. Not everyone here uses cellnuvo as a main line or even at all.