Cellnuvo nothing to do with cell phones

cellnuvo nothing to do with cell service

With the new changes. Cellnuvo has veered away from its roots
Far away.

So is a name change coming down the pike?

If so what new name would you like to see?


how about.....SwipeNowgetpaidmuchmuchlater.....sorry I couldn't resist!

Excellent point. Is "Swipir" the future?

Perhaps Nth Circle CellNUVO category should be moved out of Telecom to a new/dedicated category (eg; NUVOLLC).

FYI, looks like both CellNUVO and Swipir apps updated to version 3.65 today (March 15, 2019):

I think that the reason you have to use a different email address to sign up for Swipir is so there are no conflicts when the two apps eventually converge.

I kind of like the idea of the 2 remaining separate, IF Swipr remains a test bed, and CellNuvo (or renamed) becomes the 'stable' version. It would be nice to count on one version that doesn't run into problems with certain ads. (Locking, no way to back out, or otherwise broken.)

CN could always have one app with the Swipir test bed features offered as an opt in beta. Many Play Store apps offer this.

Then they wouldn't be able to surprise us with bad news in the future. Okay I'm being a wise guy. Lol

How long has Swipir been around? Was the CellNuvo app introduced before Swipir, or is it the other way round?

I thought swipir was going to be their lifeline offering at one point but then things changed when they had to drop their cell provider and move to the payment of cell bills in late 2017. So I guess swipir was a test app since then??

Swipir seems to make more sense than cellnuvo these days.

Swipir has been around since the summer of 2017. It started out for those using a lifeline phone. "Earn unlimited additional cell phone service for your Lifeline phone."