CellNUVO: Not receiving credits for watched ads, surveys, and downloaded apps

I am not getting silver for the new Casper mattress kiip ads at all. I get one every few minutes when swiping. The other kiip ads I get work fine.

As for the 30 silver ads I only don't get credit when there is a gap in the ads and I'm swiping a lot until the next ad shows up. When it does show up it has a high chance of not rewarding silver.

Samsung S5
Android 6.0.1
CellNUVO v2.0

Another interesting thing that happened the other night I got a tapjoy survey in the style of the 30 silver ads. When I hit unlock it opened my browser and had the list of surveys to choose from. I chose a 15min survey that I initially qualified for but then got disqualified a couple of answers in. However, I did get credit even though it disqualified me. Unfortunately it was late at night and I didn't pay attention to how much silver I was rewarded.

edit: Video of a non-crediting ad.

Yep. I noticed that too. My phone seemed to be stuck in an "Ad Loop." Everytime, I unlocked my screen, it went right to the CellNuvo app and took minutes away (i.e. detracted from my balance and sending me "into the pink":huh:. I didn't keep track of which ads were affected (I should have), as everything seems fine now, but I definitely will in the future.

Yep Chelle,
I was one of the "quiet ones" (totally not like me). I noticed it, but I didn't post anything until just now :whistle:

That casper mattress must come with bed buds because all I saw this afternoon are related to it and it never awarded me points.

I now see what everyone here is complaining about. I mostly swipe in the morning and late at night and wasn't getting very many non-crediting ads. Yesterday I did some swiping throughout the day and I got lots of non-crediting ads. I couldn't find any rhyme or reason as to why they weren't crediting.

I'm sure CN will get it sorted but it is really annoying for those who need to earn credits until then. I have enough saved up I can wait it out.

I notice that if I wait sufficiently long after an ad ends, it credits. For me, sufficiently long has been about 2 to about 7 seconds. If, after ad ends, I swipe again before seeing it credit, it will never credit. The one exception is that I don't try the Casper ad, because unlike other Kiip ads, it doesn't tell me that I'd earn any credits.

For reference, the devices we use on CellNuvo (the same devices we swipe on) are Sprint Prepaid Samsung Galaxy Core Prime with Android 4.4.4 & Boost ZTE Speed with Android 4.4.4. The CellNuvo app version used on both devices having the above crediting results is 2.14.

Great point. Could be that some are swiping again too fast - though yes there shouldn't be such a delay especially when most of the time the credits post virtually instantly. I've not seen many non crediting ads but I've only been casually swiping with some pause between swipes. However I do recall someone mentioning that they waited and still no points - but I can't find that post.

Additional observations about this issue on my devices: The Boost ZTE Speed credits within about 2 - 3 seconds. The Sprint Prepaid Samsung Galaxy Core Prime may take quite a long time -- 8 seconds in one instance.

And a correction to my statement above that if "I swipe again before seeing it credit, it will never credit" -- obviously, I don't know that for a fact, as "never" is a long time. I should've stated instead that, practically speaking, it appears not to credit.

I had posted last week about waiting a little after the ad is over. Seems to help. Ymmv

Waiting didn't help today, swiped for a short time and got a no-credit ad so I stopped. That's what I'm going to do from now on until this is fixed, no sense in watching ads that do not credit. I sure hope Cellnuvo is keeping track of all these misfires and does a mass credit for all of them at some point.

Just had 5 in a row no credit 7 pm.

Me, too. Five in a row. Just a few minutes ago.

I don't know if I'm just lucky or if it's my phone (Nexus 5 running Android 6.0.1) but I have 72020 points and I have never not received credit for an ad I watched. I hope I didn't just jinx it! :slight_smile:

Cellnuvo made the first ad screen come on instantly . Instead on taking a few seconds. They just fixed this. A few seconds adds up

Yes nice update there. I like how quickly it goes now.

B) B)

Ads crediting right except Casper . Bug there

Still missing credits for me. None of the Kiip Awards work for me, and I just had 4 Snickers ads in a row that didn't give me any credits..

I love the faster ad serving. I'm still missing credits, at times, but they're few and far between.

Might as well resurrect this thread... just tried swiping ads on one phone, no points earned... tried swiping on the other other phone earlier and it credited. Not sure if it is a phone specific issue or an app issue.

Not crediting for me either. Probably temporary as we’ve seen before.