CellNUVO: Not receiving credits for watched ads, surveys, and downloaded apps

I'm creating this new thread to highlight the issue of not getting credit for watching ads, downloading apps, taking surveys, etc. Hopefully we can help CellNUVO figure out what is happening.

I just had 3 30 credit ads in a row that did not credit. Also a couple weeks ago I downloaded a game app, followed the instructions and leveled up... Should be worth 7000+...so far no credit.


This has been a particularly big problem, for me, for several weeks. Sometimes the no-pays are only 10-25%, but this week has often been 50% and even 80%, at times.

I've used a Galaxy Note 2 with Jelly Bean, a Blu Advance 5 with Lollipop, and a Stylo with Marshmallow.

I've used internet connections through Tmobile, Sprint and AT&T.

I've used app version 2.0 and 2.14.

I've tried countless permutations of the above.

This morning I'm using my Kindle Fire and version 2.0 and I don't seem to be getting no-pays. I don't know if the device is helping or if they've changed something, since yesterday.

I'll keep swiping and see what happens.

A month ago I purchased business cards and should have received 1000 credits. I even opened a case (with TapJoy) and followed up with emails.

I've given up, though, because they clearly have no intention of ever paying up. I no longer "swipe left", as a result.

I just earned 1000 credits (34 ads) and only had 3 no-pays, but that's still an unacceptably high failure rate.

I'd be scared to jump out of an airplane in a CellNUVO parachute.

One other comment:

I doubt that an app update will be necessary because the problem didn't exist until I posted about getting 1000 credits in 10 minutes, several weeks back.

Mysteriously, the problem appeared a few hours later on both of the most used versions of the app.

It's clear that there was a back office change, so I'll be skeptical if they suddenly tell us that we need to update the app.

Obviously This is an issue we all having. Yet it is strange how it varies in different degrees. There were times I had 6 non credits in a row. Or when I have to swipe 15 times in a row for an ad. That ad will not credit? I read something about swiping too much for an ad comes across as fraud? So it is fraud protection not to have an ad credit?

We all hope that Tom reads these comments and takes action. Our small group here is a microcosm of the bigger problem.

There should never be an instance of a 50% to 80% loss rate.

I'm sure there are a lot of less vocal people who quietly just go away.

Had a few 30 credit , some kiip work, thne n back to 30's. And they would not credit again....4 in a row.

[hr]On the bright side I just received several kiips for 150 silver each. Easy money!!

I posted this in the "earning credits" thread but thought I'd post it here as well:

I do not believe there is anything nefarious going on, but clarly there is something that changed recently that's causing some silver credits to not apply immediately.

I'm now wondering if it could have to do with the increased volume of swipers at a given time, possibly overloading the system causing glitches in the crediting process. Maybe it would be a good idea to start posting the exact time (including time zone) that ads are watched with no silver applied applied.

It is related to android version. I have two phones swiped together one with jellybean was never awarded 30-point credits the other one has no such issue. However, the 0-point cat pee ad is not nice to either of them.

I'm having more trouble with Jelly Bean but am still having no-pay 30 credit ads on Marshmallow-- just not as many of them.

Someone should invite Tom to this discussion.

Toms email reply

We have not updated ­our software/app in a­bout 7 weeks, so this­ is something that is­ occurring as a resul­t of ether an android­ update or an ad netw­ork . We think we k­now what is occurring­, but we would like s­ome info from folks w­ho have encountered t­his.

If possible, we would­ like to know:
Device Make­
Device Model­
Android Version Numbe­r

then if possible, we ­would love it if some­one can provide a vid­eo of this occurring ­on the app, either by­ using another smart ­phone to take a video­, or screen capture s­oftware.

Tom Mannix­

Samsung s4



Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Android 4.3

Not as bad:

LG G Stylo, Android 5.0.1

LG Phoenix 2, Android 6.0

It doesn't matter if I use app version 2.0 or 2.14.

not as bad as others here.
But it does happen

galaxy s3
Android 4.4.2

If u don't want to post it here be sure and email tom@cellnuvo.com
and tell him what your issue is.

Today I get lots of vibration-then-freeze things. Is it due to internet speed?