Cellnuvo is a data hog

I swipe and watch ads, data goes quickly, but even no ad comes up data still is consumed quickly so long as i swipe... what makes me so hateful is... I see data being eaten up quickly even if I don't do nothing other than open the app. Everything is fine after I close the app. I smell something fishy here. My hotspot shows how it gobbles up my data.

Wonder what the app is actually doing...

You are using just wifi correct?

I would think the app reaches out to the ad server with each swipe, so some data would be used even without ad delivery. It seems like it should be relatively small, though.
But there's no doubt the app is relatively data hungry. I forgot and had WiFi off yesterday while swiping-- maybe 30 ads?-- and used a little over 100mb. I haven't been swiping heavily this month-- probably 30 ads/day average, and the app has used 1.34GB of data. (All on WiFi, except for the 100mb screw-up from yesterday.....)

Yes! The thing is a data hog! It seems to use quite a bit of data with each swipe - even if it is not productive (no ad). Is as if it is refreshing the entire account data each time a swipe is made. My guess is that there has to be a better way to optimize the amount of data with each account refresh. In my case it is not an issue because I have an unlimited data plan and do generally connect to a WiFi network most of the time. Here are some screenshots showing the data use for each particular period.

Tbh, I have been observing this too. My theory is that they are stealing all of are info on our phone via the app. This could also explain why their is no app in the Apple store, as Apple is very strick on their apps not containing maleware. Just my 2 cents.

As always I want to see proof. No Apple store does not mean cellnuvo is a data thief. Circumstantial at best


Anything with videos will burn data like hot knife through butter! Try watching Youtube and streaming Netflix 24/7 for 30 days and see if your data overages don't come out to $1000 a month or more!! Either use home/publi wifi or on unlimited plans. On 1 GB or even 5 GB won't last a week or two if swipe often!

Have you tried turning off background data use for the app? If not, try that and see if it makes a difference. Just a suggestion.

Just checked my data usage, almost 7GB the past 30 days! All Wi-Fi, but still. That is excessive. Or my swiping was excessivel[y unproductive] the past month.