CellNuvo: Endgame

With one snap of Tom's fingers, value of silver cut in quarter... I mean half.


Hey PEW, this is too cryptic for me - cos I have stopped swiping. What's going on?

Could it be because ads (when they flow) are for the most part worthless and the instant swaps now have a 50% reduced value?

. . . and more time consuming. There's so much wrong with the app's current implementation it isn't even slightly funny.

That must mean I'm Captain America. Chelle is Black Widow. Pew is Ant Man. Tech Stitch is Iron Man.

Grab your character before they are all gone.

I'm pretty sure I'm one of the red-shirts that gets killed in the first scene.

I am starting to get so pissed. I might be. "gone man"

You are obviously the Hulk!

Lol......Tom is Thanos!!!

Tom is J. Wellington Wimpy.

Maybe the snap worked too well. From the Split the Pot, it seems over 90% disappeared.