Cellnuvo App: Why is it still active?

Why is the app still active if cellnuvo is bankrupt and closed?

No one including myself is swipping anymore. The app is off Google play store.

So why is the app active? To try to get more money from users?

As far as we can tell, there is no significant money being generated by the app, for anyone.

My guess is someone forgot to turn off the switch when they left. Until someone does that, it's kind of an Energizer Zombie Bunny.

Is there anyway to determine if the cellnuvo app was forced off Google play store or removed by Tom and co?

Lots of assumptions: “No one is swiping” is most likely not accurate.

“cellnuvo is bankrupt” is most likely not accurate.

The answer to why the app is active may be due to it benefiting someone for it to be that way. Or it may not. Perhaps KentE is correct that maybe someone forgot all about it on the way out.

Very WEAK. Position on the matter I see as usual.

Obviously they're bankrupt

Or at least out of business.

Tom's own words were they can not continue to subsidize payments. He said this before the last major changes.

So one can assume that if you cannot pay your bills your bankruptcy. Sigh

Everything is so obvious. Yet one continues to question the state of affairs.

Interesting. As usual.

Changing one's name and coming back here to attack every view I write. Is trolling as usual.

Then using original Weak name on Reddit to abuse others is just wrong. Better you just leave me alone.

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