Cellnuvo App update

anyone else notice this. updates to the activation process is the only thing listed under "what's new"

Thanks for the post. Doesn't seem to be anything new for us on the face of it but I reckon it means that those of us who have no activation code can get a new one shortly. Also probably helps with the GSM activation when that arrives.

Anyone have the apk for V2.4?

Where are you seeing this exactly?

My phone automatically pulled the update and installed it. If the update is available to you and you've already installed the app,
simply searching for cellnuvo app will bring you to the app with the update. The updated version is 2.61

Oh I didn't realize there was a whole app update. Just installed it... hoping for a way to activate my account in the app again soon.

It looks that this is for all phones and carriers?

I was told I would receive an email by the end of the week to help me reactivate. I will let you know what happens.

is this, CellNUVO | Activation Help, what you are talking about?

Very interesting--where did you find that link? Also, where exactly are we supposed to enter that information...

Because I did not know what the OP was talking about, so I went to Cellnuvo's website, hoping to find something. That is what I found after poking around.

How do you find hidden links elsewhere on the domain like that though? The CellNuvo website is just the announcement and nothing else I thought.

The Cellnuvo website I see has nothing to poke. ??

That page is not effective yet, at least here in Central Time zone in the U.S. -- here, it's not yet September 15, 2017.

Perhaps on the effective date, we'll become knowledgeable about how we're supposed to enter that information.

Seems like they are in the process of a new activation method

It will be needed for gsm activations and is also a welcome update from the old system.

Activation via an email, last 4 digits of the MEID and the phone number. Better than a random code

Wait, what now? I must be victim to some severe sarcasm or something... is it not 9/15/17 today?

I suspect they will push a new app update for it.

It's 1999?

Or I might be lost in time. It is indeed 9/15/17 today, I've learned. Hope you're not too severely victimized.

Hah, I thought that it was some next-level sarcasm regarding CellNuvo's slow pace throughout this transition!